Can't read cell value from Excel file

Hello friend,
I have to read a cell value (wich is a formula based sum), but i have always 0 as resultsample.xlsx (9.5 KB)

Hi, You can use a read cell formula activity. In the sample file the values are correct according to the formula, can you please explain what is the issue you are facing

when i use read cell it give 0 as a result (the cell contain double value in the excel ?!), that is the issues.

when i use read formula, i get the formul eg: “E26-D26”

Hi @abdel

Which cell are you reading and is the cell contains negative value or a positive one?


Refer this link, might be it is useful. Thanks


Did we try using READ DATATABLE and then get the specific cell with this expression in writeline activity


Where rowindex and columnindex both starts with 0 for first row and first column
So mention the index accordingly

Try this and let know for any queries

Cheers @abdel

I’m rading the G26 cell, the read cell activity (xorkbook) gives always 0, i tried double, generic valuen, convert to string, !!!?sample.xlsx (9.5 KB)

@abdel are you reading the sample excel file provided?

If yes I can see that the cell g26 value is empty.


sorry it’s G3 in the sample file


Pls give a try with WORKBOOK activities instead of excel

Search as workbook in activity panel and search for read cell under that and give a try

Cheers @abdel

i used workbook instead of Excel for that!!


Is it working @abdel

no it’s not working for me!

I’m stack with this issues any help please?