Read signature and compare

I don’t know if it is possible or not but I have this use case and want to implement it. If someone can help will be appreciated.

I want to read a signature from Cheque and compare it with the list of signatures available in a html file. If signature matches than I continue with the process if not then I stop.


I guess its difficult to identify signatures. Could you please try with different OCR Engines and check it.

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OCR does not help as you know people sometime scribble as their signature :smiley:

Isn’t there any way where we can compare two image or something similar.


Yes that is the main problem. Thats why i said it is very difficult to identify it :wink:

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Don’t want to tell client that it is not possible to automate this. :cry:

Hi @mohammedamaan

I have some little background on signatures validation. Signature validation is a different kind of a scenario that require special image recognition techniques to compare the signatures. There are some proven techniques and software applications that are specialized on signature validation.

The best option for you to take in this scenario would be, do some research on what signature validations software are available. In those techniques, check whether those have a different API kind of a method which you can use to connect UiPath with the software so that you can use UiPath to send signature data and get the validation result back. This would be the best and the most effective way of getting it done. If you are to so it through RPA only, it will not be possible. The best would be to integrate RPA mechanisms with those software systems to get the job done :slight_smile:



Let me explore this option.