Image processing

I have one pdf file which have one small picture in a png format and i have the same picture in website with bigger size, i want to compare those 2 images and if the website have a same image then i need to check that image.

i gone through each and every topic of comparing 2 images but no solution found, even the OCR showing different values of both images(ocr output is not even a proper word because that picture is kind of logo with no words in it)

can anyone suggest how this can be solved

The OCR is primarily to read the text which is present in an image, not for logo, which is as good as an image. There are tools available to compare two images, can you try them ? In google search for “Image comparison”…

is it possible within uipath ? without using any other tool??

Yes, you can use any tool or software within the UiPath. E.g. you can open word or excel documents & edit it via UiPath.

Did you ever get an answer?

After a quick review it did not appear as if you got a really useful reply. My need is simpler, I just need to check to see if a signature is present within a region, or a copy of a receipt is attached. A comparison against ‘mostly’ white space.

At the moment this appears to be a limitation within the tool.

Hey did you get the solution?
i also want to do the same thing
need to compare pdf signature with another image