Read rext from captcha

How can i read text from captcha image, correctly? Is there any component for this?


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Cheers @Ricardo_Goncalves

In addition to the link provided by @Palaniyappan I’d recommend the following methods:

  1. The CV activities are smart enough to beat basic captchas. It looks like yours might be too complex for them, though.
  2. There are plenty of external sources that beat captchas. Try a variety of free (or paid) websites and if any can reliably solve your captchas then automate through them.
  3. (don’t do this unless literally nothing else is working) You could process the image prior to attempting to beat the captcha. There are free image processing libraries (my favorite is open cv2) that would help reduce the background noise in the image. This would probably require a custom activity and a fair amount of trial and error coding.

Hi @Ricardo_Goncalves

Use get ocr text activity as ewll

Ashwin S

Hi @Ricardo_Goncalves,

Extracting the CAPTCHA is possible in multiple ways using our UiPath, However, is it not ethical or you can say it is illegal. The main principle of the CAPTCHA is to restrict non-human activities.
So I would strongly recommend, though you are automating an end to end processes, you should take human support for entering the CAPTCHA.

Sukesh V

You actually cannot say it is illegal. Automating captchas is entirely within the realm of legality. Just because captchas are used to restrict non-human activities doesn’t make it automatically unethical/illegal to bypass them.

Yes, Maybe you are right @DanielMitchell until unless it is an enterprise CAPTCHA with the terms of service that uses.

CAPTCHAs are often used to enable electronic signatures by *HUMANS *, not robots, and thus, any automated means would invalidate the CAPTCHA, nullifying the signature and its legal binding authority.

Sukesh V