How to auatomate captch in uipath


Is it possible to automate CAPTCHA field ?

HI Pooja,
Sorry, Captcha can not be automated.
by definition, resolving a CAPTCHA cannot be automated: Otherwise, it could not tell computers and humans apart and hence fails to be a CAPTCHA.

Hi @Pooja2

Try with Get OCR Text activity.

Kommi Jeevan.

this works only with simple a days captcha have tilde characters and ocr can’t read it correctly

Hey @Pooja2

We can’t automate the captcha, but we can use external service to solve this.

@Pooja2, Captcha/re-captcha are made to prevent any robot activities. It doesn’t mean we cannot crack that but legally it is not allowed and good practice too. I would suggest you to keep this step for user. let the user enter the captcha manually. however if you still wanna try then there are a couple of websites available that provide such services. Refer below post.

Thank you everyone.

try api true captcha [dot] org which uses ai to solve captchas. u can give it a free try and see how it does