Captcha- Automation

There comes a captcha every time for my process. With my limited knowledge I was not able to find any solution to automate any systems or web applications that comes with a captcha…Does anyone have any alternative solution for this?


Have you tried this before you wants to automate the captcha.
Death By Captcha API to resolve the captchas. To call this API on login page and login with username, password and captcha value we can use UiPath as a RPA tool.
Hope this will help you.


Are these complex or simple captchas? For simple captchas the free OCRspace service works well for me.


I am also looking for approach regarding CAPTCHA, Please let me know in case anyone has implemented way to resolve CAPTCHA in automation.

Thanks in advance!

For simple captcha we are using this
At the end the value is stored in the clipboard, so very easy to use.

In our tests scores 90% success rate ( some time the service is not responding). The response is accurate, no fault till now.


Hi Laurnica,

Will appreciate if you could let us know how you have integrated with UIpath.



Could you please attach some sample to show how you have integrated with uipath.



I am having the same problem. How can I bypass captcha on the website. html.

or extract the text.

Please advice


Hi @laurnica,

I am also facing same issue and how can i extract text from this kind of captcha.image
Please help me .

Thanks in advance

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Hi, sorry for the delay. is not a real solution.

We used it for for one month when suddenly they closed the user. In terms and conditions is specified that is a solution for… blind people, not suitable for business.


Some simple Captchas could be automated. EX- IRCTC website captcha

Good day. get any solution yet for your problem?

No Henning. Couldn’t find a solution yet

Hi - could you please share XAML file for automating captcha pls.

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Anyone find a solution to Captcha?


Have a look into this thread,


do you mind, helping how did u did?

Hi, how to integrate this with uipath?Did you try this way? do you mind to show in a sample.

DeathByCaptcha is a paid service

Hi @lakshman did you get any specific solution to automate a captcha. same issue I am facing while login to the portal I have to enter the Captcha Text.
This is the captcha box where I have to extract the text. image


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No bro. I didn’t get any solution. We are using Attended BOT and manually entering Captcha and it’s one time only.

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