Read range with unknown size

Hi guys,

I’m trying to read the range of a certain excel file. But i don’t know the range of the second column (Cause it changes).

I tryd this:

But it’s not working. Any other ideas, with out iterating trough the entire table to check the range? I need a solution that works direct so the time doesnt increase much.

Thanks in advance for your help!
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Buddy @Joeri_Rethy then mention A3 alone buddy it will work



If you have columns more than 2, i.e., your excel containing columns from A to Z or even more, you can achieve this by using two read range activities as in the screenshot below.


You have to mention the range as in the screenshot.


This works as i asked for. No mether the range i need, i can get it with out using a loop and waste time. Thanks you kind sir, i was looking for this! :heart:



Happy to hear.
You are welcome. Happy to help :slight_smile:

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