Get dynamic range and paste it to another excel/

Hi guys.
I have a bit stuck with reading range.
Basically, there is an excel file where I need to read the range of G-column, which may have a random number of rows. Then to paste it to another excel file.
Thanks for help

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Hi @Slavich,
You can find the number rows in the excel by first reading the excel and use the data table as
DT.rows.count then you will get the row count and you can read the g column by specifying the range and write in another excel.
If you find this useful mark it as solution and any queries kindly respond.

Try this @Slavich,


G:G is working.
But I need G2:G - in this case there is an error - range doesn’t exists.

Useful link here :slight_smile:

This will work, use two read range activities and get the entire data table in first activity and required in second…

dt .rows.count will give you the dynamic range @Slavich

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Do u mean:
read range “”
put to outputDatTable -
iterate untill DT.rows.count ?

Now it works. Thank you!

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