How to copy formulas into excel cells using read range and write range

I am having trouble automating UiPath to copy a column of information and paste it into the next column. Each row in the column I am trying to copy has its own formula, I have found a way to copy the column over but the formulas are lost and the information that was copied is not accurate. I was using read range and write range which dose not take account for the formulas. I have looked into other ways on this forum but the only suggestions I have found where to use hot keys whoever, this did not work for me. I am also interested in being able to automate this task so that every time I run UiPath the previous column is copied with the formulas inside each row. I would be very appreciative for any suggestions.

@wg.clemons did you find solution?

For those that still need the answer. You could use the “Read Cell Formula” activity.