Copy and paste formulas

  1. I want to copy a formula to a range of cells. The range of cells changes with each iteration of the robot by copying a row and insert copied cells. I have a defined name for the cell that I want to ctrl-c and a named range that moves with the insert. My problem is I haven’t found a way to get the robot to make either name “current”. I don’t find a select range, goto range or similar. Maybe I need to go through the menus to use goto? sort of answering my own question but it would sure make life easier if there was a goto range or copy range paste range and a type into with a “current” parameter so you could do a hotkey move and then type into the current cell.

There are few ways I think you can get the formula where you want it.

  1. You could use the row or column number found from the datatable variable based on a specific value in the row, then use Write Cell using that number in the range field (for columns you need to convert it to a letter).

  2. TypeInto the Address bar where you can input the cell or range name to select the cell (or just use the Select Range activity); you can also read the current range from the Address bar too. Then, either TypeInto formula, TypeInto “[d(ctrl)]v[u(ctrl)]”, or use that range in the Write Cell activity.

You can also do the Ctrl+D to filldown your formula if you wish like, Select Range followed by TypeInto “[d(ctrl)]d[u(ctrl)]”

Those are few thoughts I had and hope they help.


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