Read Range Activity blocking execution and does not show an error

Some days ago I had a problem while changing a Excel template that my robot should read. Read Range activity was blocking the execution and given not error (I did not use try-catch). I checked that the path was correct, that the sheet name was correct but it was still not working.
Then I tried to change the range. If you read the Read Range activity documentation you can see that it says: “If the range isn’t specified, the whole spreadsheet is read.” My activity did not had a range specified so a tried to specify one and now it works.
Not specifying range has worked for me in other situations but not in this one.
Maybe this error is caused because I’m using 17.1.6682 version of uipath but anyway in this version I have used both excel and the original one worked and the new one got blocked.
I’m posting this cause maybe it will be helpful for some one, I have spent hours trying to figure out what was happening, if someone wants to add some information about this problem please comment it below. :grinning:

Read Range Activity documentation

You may need to look at the excel template as older versions of UiPath can only read up to certain ranges.
Check the Used Range (Ctrl + End) on the Excel spreadsheet to see it - Other things that may impact could be merged cells or filters / hidden rows or columns.

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Hey @MaiteMateo, Did you find solution this? As soon as I am opening the excel , it is going into Not Responding state. Size of excel which I am using is 20MB.