Read Range Inside the VMware HVD


Am trying a scenario. I Need to read range of a excel file inside my VMware HVD Machine. To perform this, am using citrix. The citrix attach window selector like
“” . The excel file path inside the HVD like “H:\Work\PM Global\Final Report.xlsm”. But I got error window (Ref: attachment). Please help me to perform this.



This is a access issue, please check weather you have access for bot to read files in That VM with your IT people. and make you kill excel application before you start this.

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i wonder in which machine you actually have this file on… :thinking:

This file is in a Client Machine. We are accessing that machine through a Virtual Desktop/Remote Desktop application called as VMware Horizon Clients

Hello Divya,

I have checked with out IT Team, The thing is we can copy data from Local to remote desktop is possible :slight_smile: and the same time copy a data from remote desktop to local is not possible :frowning: . When we are using Select - all text Method in CV Get Text activity we can copy a word from Remote desktop to Local :slight_smile: (Only single word).
The Select - all text Method in CV Get Text activity successfully copied the whole excel sheet from the remote desktop But it is not paste the data in local system. Do have any ideas on this!