Need to read excel data within Citrix environment

I want to read the data from an excel file which is present in Citrix environment and then post it into another application present in Citrix. I have tried using the excel scope activity but it takes the local path. Does anybody know the solution?

  1. How about copying the Excel data (Ctrl+C) on Citrix and pasting it to local Excel(Ctrl+V) and use read range activity?

  2. Copy the CItrix file to shared location (within Network) and read the Excel file from your code using Read Range?

Attached is Sample for #1(both desktop, but 1st file you have to do on Citrix)
CitrixtoDesktop.xaml (32.7 KB)

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Due to confidentiality of the client data, I cannot transfer the data on our network. I have to do all operations at client’s end only.

Another way would be you can copy the excel data to clipboard and manipulate the data using split methods.

update: may be you can add comma at the end of every cell and then copy to clipbaord which makes it easier to split the cell info. Good luck!