Read Range in Excel Application Scope creates a new file

I’m trying to read a .xlsx file, but when I use Read Range, excel tells me a file with that name already exists.
If I press ok, UiPath creates a new blank spreadsheet with the specified name, instead of opening the one that exists.
Any help?

@padamus7 Can you please upload your xaml and .xlsx file?

What is the UiPath version you are using?

I attached the Excel file. I am running the latest community version of UiPath.

Alfred Read Excel Files.xaml (7.7 KB)


Whenever you use Excel application scope and specify a file that doesn’t exists, it creates the file.
This will happen even if you are using Read range activity and not the write range.

I guess the path you are specifying is different than the actual file path. Please log the file path before the Read range application scope and compare it will the actual file path.

And In the second Excel Application scope where you are writing into the file, you have specified a folder path and not a .xlsx file path.

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Oh, so I have to include .xlsl in the file path. That solves the problem thank you!