Read Range fails to load with an excel sheet with 5 lakh records

I have an excel sheet with more than 5 lakh records which I am trying to load with Read Range activity of Excel. The moment control goes to Read Range command, it gives me the following error. I am suspecting the size of the sheet is an issue but wondering if there could be a way around to solve this.


Once try with Workbook Read Range activity and check it.

Though Workbook does not give any error but when I print row count it gives me 1. Technically this is not working.

What I am thinking of using the sheet as a datasource for an external database and and doing operations on the database instead of Datatable.

Anything else which anyone can suggest?


You can break the excel into different sheets and can continue with your process.

Once i also faced this challenge , in my case i was getting somewhere around 95,000 rows. I broke them into two sheets of 50k -50k .
I am not sure if read range above 50k will work or not but 50k will definitely work.

Hope this helps.


@bantuk You can increase the default WCF message size here:

Also, try marking the activity as ‘Private’ in the properties pane. This has helped me in the past when working with large files.