Can't Read More Than 1000 Rows Using Read Range Activities

Hello guys,

I have a problem about Read Range Activities in my Studio. I have data in excel is more than 1000 rows (more than 1000 data), but the output of my Read Range Activities is stop in the rows number 56 (data number is 51).

Output Value & Read Range Activities Properties:

I hope for your help guys to resolve my problem. Thanks in advanced :pray:
Brian Henokh

Hello @henokhbrian
in Local panel it will only show limited data.
try to print row number instead like mydt.rows.count this should give you the actual row count.

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Hi @henokhbrian
Is it throwing a error while reading excel file,

if yes try to consider the excel as DataBase and then read it

for more info check this link :
How To Use Excel As Database โ€“ In UiPath โ€“ ExcelCult

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Oh i see, thatโ€™s work. Thank you very much.
But why in the local panel didnโ€™t showed a full data? How many data for the limit to be showed?

Thank you for your suggestion. The read excel activities is working normally, but only the data of my activities is not showed 100% in my local panel.
Maybe sometime i will try your suggestion. :pray:

I guess there is data size limit, not sure how much that limit is. I too sometime struggle with this broken feature.

I have created a new post for this feature to get fixed. Please upvote it.

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