Hi Team,

I am using read range activity to read very heavy excel (or csv) files. (1GB files)

I am performing operations on them (such as filter datatable, invoke method, LinQ queries, write range, read range, VlookUP, etc) on them.

Now, it is understood that the execution(be it background or foreground) will take corresponding time.
But, the UiRobot.exe process is being crashed multiple times in between, which is not desirable.

I need to know if it is read\write activities or Datatable limitations.

Please help me make sure the large data is handled efficiently.

Thanks and Regards,

I don’t recommend using UiPath to handle such heavy files. You could use macros or if possible Python code to manage excel processing. Initiation of the process and further actions could be orchestrated with UiPath.

Hi @hacky

I do agree with @KannanSuresh. It is not a good idea to use such large files with UiPath. You can use either macros or Python code just like @KannanSuresh mentioned. You may try executing python code through UiPath studio using the special activities without using the excel related activities in UiPath. The rest of the tasks can be handled through the Uipath without a problem.

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Hi @hacky

Sometimes it’s difficult to use read range especially reading over 10 thousand of rows in an excel. I tried before and it crash because out of memory. In case, I need to click click click to filter the data. Therefore, if possible, try to export it to a text or csv file at the beginning.

hello @Lahiru.Fernando
i have an excel workbook there are multiple sheets then i want to read a sheet with around 8lakhs rows when i read it when i have got sometime an error which is "job stopped unexpected error exit code "
please give me the solution