Not able to read excel

Hello all.
I am trying to read Excel file.
But getting this error.

Hi @happyfeat87

Please check If the given file path passed as the input of the Read Range Activity is Correct.

Check the complete path of the Config.xlsx


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can you try excel application scope instead

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give full path ,

“D:\ExtractedDataforGDPfinal.xlsx” like this

or environment.currentdirectory+""+config.xlsx if you keeping in project folder without sub folder

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1 Try to use the "excel scope activtiy."
2. Use the "read range " activity inside the excel scope  .
3. Passed the correct file path in "Exel scope "  activity.
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Hi @happyfeat87

check whether you have the required file present
if it is present assign to ur varaible Config fully

next use an excel application scope and drag a read range

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