Workbook Read Range vs. Excel Application Scope Read Range (16.9 KB)


I think there is a bug in the Excel Application Scope, which causes that it reads workbook differently to a Workbook Read Range activity.
If you look into the attached zip file, you will find that the Workbook Read Range is disabled.
In such a scenario, the robot will return 0 as a result of“Column3=’’”).count operation.
If Excel Application Scope is disabled and Workbook Read Range is enabled, the robot will return 1, which is the correct number of empty cells in the read data range of Column3.

Could anybody tell me if there’s anything I am missing here? Why do these 2 version of Read Range return different results?


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Hi @jacek.jusyn

Nice spot! We’ll look into it :slight_smile:

Can you please let me know if this fixed ?