Read Range Error. Exit code: 0xE0434352

I am using a Read Range activity to read an excel sheet with the range of “A:EP”. Each excel sheet contains two rows of data that I would like to extract and add to a data table. However, every time I start the automation, it stops at column “EJ” and then an error occurs. Is it too long of a range to automate or what would cause this error?

Use a KILL PROCESS activity and mention the ProcessName property as “EXCEL”
Use this activity before to the EXCEL APPLICATION SCOPE and try once

And also make sure that the range mentioned in READ RANGE is correct
That is if we want to read the whole datatable then mention as “”

Cheers @Robert_Wennberg

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Silly miss by me… Seeing as how I wanted to read both row 2 and 3 of the column A and EP, all I had to do was type the range not as* “A:EP”, but as “A2:EP3”. Now it is working but only writes one read range to the write range which is strange. But that’s for another problem

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