Read Pdf To Text

I have 500+ Pdf file .All those pdf file convert into excel.
I attached pdf file screen shorts
Please help me : Give me any code/ project

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There are multiple ways to achieve it.

  1. Create one DataTable with all the required fields using Build DataTable activity.

  2. And then read one by one pdf file using Read PDF text activity to read the data from PDF file and it will give you output as String. And then use String manipulation functions or Regular expressions to fetch required details from it. Use Add DataRow activity and pass values to add into the DataTable.

  3. At the end use Write Range activity to write data back to the excel file.

Other way:

You can use Document Understanding framework for this.

And also we have many tutorial videos in UiPath academy and YouTube for the same. Please go through and start implement it. If you stuck at any point or any doubts then please post your queries in this forum and we all are ready to help you.

Hey @Jay_Chaudhary

Could you please share a sample PDF and an expected Excel output ?