Read PDF Text - Infinite Loop?

I’m working on Lesson 10 PDF and I have found a weird result.

I created a sequence with Read PDF Text and then I output the result to a Message Box. I am using the downloaded sample PDF file, “Perfect Match.pdf”

It puts UIPath into an infinite loop of Message boxes! I don’t know why.

I just replicated it in another xaml file and it did the same. I’m attaching here so people can try and replicate it, if interested.

Thoughts on how this happens? Going to try some more and see if I can find a work around.


PDFTesting.xaml (5.5 KB)

@jgoranso Did you try using the message box out of pdf activities?

Interesting. I only have the Message Box from System Dialog. Is there a package that has one?

Is this normal, to need specific Message Boxes for different activities?

Thanks for the reply!

Wow. Nevermind!

Apparently, I somehow attached my PDF Activities sequence to itself? Hence, infinite loop!

Sorry about that!

Thanks for the replies!