Read outlook mails from a specific folder


I want to read mails which are available inside Outlook->Inbox->OrderPO Folder and once it is processed i need to move it to Inbox->ErrorPO folder. So, any idea please guys…!! Thanks!


Hope Outlook application installed in the Robot machine. If yes then follow below steps.

  1. Use Get Outlook Mail Message activity to read the mails from Mailbox and mention folder name as Inbox\OrderPO and it will give output as List of Mail Messages.

  2. And then use For Each loop activity to iterate one by one email to process. At the end use Move Outlook Mail Message activity to move the mail and set MailFolder value as Inbox\ErrorPO.

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Hi @mitradev_das. The solution proposed by @lakshman works in UiPath Studio.

In StudioX, add the Outlook resource. Then use a For Each Email activity to go through the OrderPO folder, then add a Mark Email as Read/Unread and a Move email activity.

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Thank You!!

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Thank you.

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