Want to read email from specific folder. See screenshot for the folder

I want to read email from inbox of the highlighted folder.

Hi @Puneet_Singh

In the Get Outlook mail message activity

In the properties Mail Folder -> "Account name\Inbox"


Getting an error

Can you try with back slash\

Getting same error

Can you try like this @Puneet_Singh

"Account name" + "Inbox"

Put the account name in the “Account” field just above Mailfolder. so put “Engineering production automations team” in Account and then put \Inbox in the Mailfolder field

Hi @Puneet_Singh ,

Check this post


Try this

Not Working

Sorry didnt understand… if i put only Inbox then it read the default Inbox mails. I want to read emails from inbox which is under Engineering Production Automations Team

Yes it will read the engineering ones as that is the account in the account input, then it will read the inbox but try to put inbox without the \ infront of it

Hello @Puneet_Singh

Have you configured the Outlook scope activity to configure the account?


This is also not working. I am using outlook 365

this should work if you remove the filter, it seems to be an error with that

Hi @Puneet_Singh

The current error is because of filter use the filter like this



Thanks its working now how to read the email i mean how to display the message in message box in for each for validating

Set the type argument of the for each to system.net.mail.Mailmessage and then inside the for each write out currentitem.body.tostring

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