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From a robot we want to read multiple shared outlook mailboxes. Any solution approach?

Hi @sarathi125,
I don’t think it’s possible. Each address would require separate mailbox connection so I think only one mail at a time is possible.


In that case is it possible for us to use Exchange get mail activity and we going to read one-by-one all the mailboxes.

Hi @sarathi125.
You can use Get Exchange Mail Messages by specifying one shared mailbox at a time (SharedMailbox parameter).

@ovidiuponoran ,

But there is no filter option, I need to filter the mails based on the category selected.
From the “Get Exchange Mail Messages” output mail messages, there is no property for the Mail Category.

Starting with 21.4 release, “Get Exchange Mail Messages” will offer the possibility to enter a filter expression.

Currently you have the following options:

  1. Use Get Mail activity of UiPath Office 365 activities package available on the Official feed. This package is implemented using Microsoft Graph API. Example:

    • Query = "categories/any(a:a+eq+'Red+category')").
    • Account = "" (the mail address of a shared mailbox).
  2. Use Get Outlook Mail Messages activity like below:

    • Filter = "[Categories] = 'Red category' AND [Categories] = 'Blue category'").
    • Account = "MyProduct Customer Support", i.e. set the Account property to a mail folder corresponding to your shared mailbox (as displayed in the Outlook application).


I am going to use Get Exchange Mail Messages activity to read more than 80+ mailboxes one by one, do we need to have any delay between each mailbox reading process. Or will it cause any issue by reading more shared mailboxes using Get Exchange Mail Messages activity.

For the newer version, once it is available then we will try to use it.

@sarathi125 I haven’t tested with so many mailboxes.

In the meantime I’ve talked with a developer from my team and he recommends to use a delay because this gives time to the system to close the sockets which prevents exhaustion. How long the delay needs to be depends on how fast your machine is.

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