Shared mail box

@balupad14 Can you help me with this. This is an urgent issue. Please see below.
I am struggling to Read/Unread messages on shared mailbox.

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Hi @pari_patel ,

Share the screenshot of the error and share the screenshot of the activities’ properties. If it is confidential, share via message.

Thank you

Please show us the screenshot wth your flow and on whch activity are you getting the error.
Do you have installed Outlook app ?

I have installed outlook app.

Process flow:

Exchange mail activity to read emails
For each loop to get only unread emails
Filter with IF conditions
After filter done Moving mail to subfolders
There I need to mark as unread after moving to appropriate folder. (I am using outlook mail read/unread)

I a getting an error to retry, something went wrong.

Hey @balupad14 Did you checked my issue? I need urgent help if you can.

Thanks in advanced