Read .MSG file as mailmessage object

Hi all,

I want to read .msg file and converte it to mailmessage object then fill it with information depending on the keyword, there is also a excel table I need to include not as attachment but in the email itself.

Is there is a way to to read .msg file as mailmessage object or add .msg file in outlook folder ?

Please note that I am not allowed to use Invoke code or use a VB script

thanks in advance :upside_down_face:

dont think this could be done without code… unless you create an activity (that has code inside) and use in your project to convert that…

Did we try with the component Mail Message Convertor from UiPath Go

But UiPath Go is in maintenance now, kindly wait for few more hours to get back so that you will be able to download the file

Cheers @YAZIDI

Yes, sadly it did not solve my problem.

Hi @bcorrea, can you show me how to create an activity, it would be very helpful :upside_down_face:

good luck with that, companies sell components to do that, wont be easy…

Any updates on it? How to read .msg as mailmessage object?