How to read download outlook .msg file and read .msg mail body data

I have .msg file at some specific location i have to read those .msg email body data

you can use
for each item at location
body =item.body


That is only .msg file. How and which object i will use to load .msg file.
Can you provide me some code how will i load .msg file in MailMessage object

@pankajs3 from which app you have downloaded the .msg file. if you are using outlook then i think you can use mailmessage object and read the item .

yes i am using outlook.
But how will i use MailMessage object for .msg file. How can i convert a file (.msg) to MailMessage. Actually i have use MailMessage activity to read outlook account application specific folder but i am not getting how can i read .msg file saved specific directory.


I have one another question is that
D:// ” location i have 5 “ .msg ” file
how can i read each “ .msg ” file body, Subject, From and To text.

I would like to load a file with .msg extension, and after that I want to convert the msg file to a MailMessage object to get the MailMessage’s attachments, subject, body, etc…
How should I do it?

Hi pankajs3,

this can help you.

Navneet Jain

Hello, could you be more specific with the procedure, I tried it in the notepad oeri I have errors, could you help me please.