How to open .msg file using UiPath

After saving mail messages, how do I read the mail message and continue processing using UiPath.

I think its not possible with UIPath but you can create custom component for to open .msg files and download attachments from it.

Please check here.

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I Never tried it but, i am sure it is possible, Just consider .msg file as a document and try to read. just a thought.

how we will download attachments from it??? if we consider .msg file as a simple document

Consider outlook as an application and create steps how you manually perform to download an attachment. give a try…definitely there will be a way… if not… please post here… and every one will learn from you :smile:

I have attached an work flow which will read .msg files and download attachments,read subject and read body of the .msg files. I have attached an Custom Component (145.2 KB)
ong with work flow please install that custom component before going to run.

I saw that post but I did not want to use the method because the directory is “hard coded” and it would not work for multiple computers because the “path” is different for each computer

The Thirt Party EAgetmail.dll you are using is free or licensed? what are the condition to use that component or its is free to use under GNU? @MahalingPatil

It’s free version.

But here… it is showing – IMAP4 Component, POP3 Component, Email Parser for C#, VB, C++, Delphi - Retrieve Email, Parse Email, Decrypt Email, S/MIME, Parse winmail.dat, TNEF, Parse Outlook Msg, SSL, TLS

can you please provide the c# code of nupkg? thank you.

It exits with error message “Trial version expired”