Read mails from Subfolder with same name

How to properly read mails from shared mailbox subfolder when multiple folders has sufolders with same name,Eg.,Sort\Invoices and Bot\Invoices.Tried giving folder name as Sort\Invoices where Bot read mails from folder Bot\Invoices. Help plzz…


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If you would like to access subfolder within a folder, follow the tree hierarchy structure.
For example, if “Inbox” is your main folder and there is another subfolder “Finance” inside “Personal” folder, then your folder path should be “Inbox\Personal\Finance”.

Please refer to the below post as this will help you in your problem statement.

Let me know incase of any further queries.

Thank you for your response.
I am trying to access mails in subfolder Sort/Invoices and I have subfolder with same name under different folder i.e…, Bot\Invoices. Issue, which I am facing is like, mails are getting read from Bot\Invoices even if give Sort\Invoice as my input folder name Mail


Could you please confirm the Bot and Sort are main root folders. There is no other folder ahead of them like Inbox etc. Please share the entire email box screenshot like below.


Yes those are root folder only.


Try with below values in Get Outlook Mail messages

If the above doesn’t work for you, please share your xaml screenshot or file. I’ll look into it.