Read hidden text from pdf using computer vision

I am using cv scope to read a pdf. How can I read the text from pdf which is not visible on screen and is in the lower section of pdf

When you are using CV you need to behave the same way as humen do, so if text is not visable, you need to put first hotkey page down, or click on scrool or whatever until that text can be seen.

I did similar thing with paralel activity

do while

  • Click down
    condition requested image.


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Lower section in the sense means is it Footer part or what ?

Why you are using CV screen activities ? Have you tried with Read PDF or Read PDF with OCR activities ?

I tried read pdf with ocr but the output is not accurate.


Is the PDF contains any images or what ? If images are then Read PDF with OCR will work here.

It is scanned invoices basically.


It is not giving correct output. I tried using different profile and scale too.

CV is for detecting screen elements, there are other tools that are suitable for working with scanned documents

Could you guys let me know what are the activities available in uipath for scanned pdfs