How to Read all the pages form a PDF using computer vision

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Is it possible, to extract all the pages in a PDF using computer vision.

I mean, i have 9 pages in a PDF, how to read all pages using computer vision.

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yes, its possible
Save pdf as images, then with OCR Get text of images I think it could works well for you…

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Here I’m working to fill the pdf document

UIPath allows you to integrate any API via REST calls. For PDF OCR you can use the free OCR API. You send the PDF to the API, and the API returns the text. You can also use Google Cloud Vision, but it is a bit more complicated to use.

If you don’t mind please give me sample work flow

Hi @harsha1123

Could you give a small screenshot sample of your PDFs? Basically, if you can drag your mouse across PDFs to select text, then simply install and use the UiPath.PDF activity package from the package manager.

You would only need OCR activities if the text in the PDFs cannot be selected (=is an image of the text).

Residential_Income_Form_fnl081116.pdf (999.9 KB)