Regarding Multiple PDF with Computer Vision

Hi All,

I have a PDF with Multiple invoices and I want to use the activity of Computer Vision of UI Path.

Currently, CV Screen Scope is scanning only one page not multiple.
How can I do this using Computer Vision Activity?


May I know why you are using Computer Vision here ? Is there any specific reason to use this ?

If it is plain text then use Read PDF Text activity and if it contains any image then use Read PDF Text with OCR and it will help you to read data from all pages.

Hi @Ritesh123
Check this

Ashwin S

Hi @Ritesh123
If your format of PDF is same then you you can do this. Follow the following steps.

  • Get PDF Files Using Directory.GetFiles(“YourPath”). this will give all the files present in the folder in Array of String Variable.
  • If your folder contains multiple files with different extensions and you want only PDF files then we can use Directory.GetFiles(“YourPath”,“*.pdf”).
  • Use for Each row to get Filse one by one.
  • And in the CV Scope Use Item.ToString.

Hi @lakshman,

I want to use that because I do not want to use regex.
I my pdf there will be multiple invoices on one page.

If you have any other activity then please let me know how can i do that.

My PDF is like

In this pdf there will be multiple table in one page.

@Ritesh123 You can split pdf by pages and than you can apply regex know.