Read hand written text

HI all,

I am using microsoft vision activity which is read hand written text but every time i get this error “operation returned invalid status code” ihave also removed /vision 2.0 but still issue is same.
can anybody help me out ?


Have you already took the Vision Training? There’s a lot of cool tricks in there. If you can’t solve it after taking it, I will do my best to help you.

hi thanks for the reply I have used AI activity which is CV get text but its unable to get hand wriiten text moreover in microsoft vision activity hand written activity is there do you have any idea i have used it but getting errror as i have told in my post

Hi, to extract Hand written text you have to use Microsoft Azure.

how can i use it with uipath ?

There’s an activity/engine called “Microsoft Azure Computer VIsion OCR”. There’s some videos on youtube that explain how. All you need to do is fill the info of the activity and input the image.

You can test how the result will come out in that website.

This is a sample of an image I read:

thanks i will check and get back to you soon