How to Read handwritten image in Microsoft computer vision?

Someone could help me, I was trying to read the hand written words in Http request method format by calling APi key with endpoints. That am facing image format is invalid while passing in request. What would be the issue …?Capture

Hi @Sathish_shankar,

Welcome to the community. Because if there is something handwritten then probably chances are the text is in IMAGE format and you have to use OCR to extract the text from the image. I am not sure about the endpoints API and how you are trying to convert it into the suitable format but I guess API provides you only response’s which are in text format not Image again I am not sure in this part.



Yeah, But to input the image how to convert into preferred format…?
Another way I tried is in Microsoft vision package using Read handwritten activity even i faced same issue…:confused:

Use OCR for that.

Its a handwritten image. OCR cant able to read it…:confused:

Hi @Sathish_shankar

Have you tried google vision activity for this?

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No, I have only Microsoft vision Api Package. Its working fine for blue prism.


You can use Microsoft vision Read Handwritten Text it will return you a good accuracy value.


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I Tried that with respective api key and end points but facing this…!!!


which version of Microsoft Vision you are using in the package? For me it works with the lower version

You need to enable the cognitive services–>Computer vision in microsoft azure account and use that apikey and serviceurl
Which has trial period of 7days.

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Did your issue resolved?



I am using Microsoft Vision package verison of 2.0.0 which is recent one. Yes i tried and holding API and Service Url key. But issue is not resolved …yar

Can you choose Microsoft vision activities to 0.1.6 which might solve your problem.

Can you share your .xaml file or give me the screenshot.

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@Snehamayi_Sneha Can you Try this in Vision scope…?

Hey ,

Yesterday my Microsoft Azure account has expired.

So i cannot able to use it in Microsoft Vision for Read Handwritten Text.

I already did with the cursive writing it came with accuracy.
Please tell the steps which you worked or send me the xaml

Hey, I used with lower version too but am faces this issue…!

Did you enable your Microsoft Azure computer vision and got the API key? Can you share the screenshot

Snehamayi, This is the Only steps i used it. I just passed the location of my file and caught the output and passed it. Is any missing one…?


Attached is the Computer Vision api enable.

Did you done this?

Yeah for my subscription 5 days remaining in Computer Vision. I got the Api key. can you share your steps of process.