Read full PDF is missing

It is due to the missing the package in robot folder. It may cause while moving Xaml files to other locations without a folder,
You can download it from manage packages, the activity will become normal

Thanks Gokul! It helps!!! :grin: :grin: :grin:

Hi all,

After installing the pdf activities, ‘Read PDF Text’ is working but the 'ReadFullPDF) is still not working.

Any solutions this? Thanks in advance.

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Hi @BBCC_0000

Have you install this ReadFullPDF activity in the manage package of thirds party tool?

Hi @BBCC_0000

Install this package :



Go To Manage Package → All Package → PDF_Activities → Install → Save


Hi thanks for your reply.

What should I do after downloading the file? I can’t open it neither.

You just install that package. @BBCC_0000

After that you will find that activity in the studio


I just downloaded which means I have installed? As I can’t find it in the ‘Manage Package’.

The downloaded file appears like this, neither open nor install

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What is the version of studio?

Just type this in the PDF_Activities in the search box and check for this user



Still cannot find, I am currently using version 2022.10.1

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Hi @BBCC_0000

Go To Manage Package → Marketplace → PDF_Activities → Install → Save

Hi, I have followed your step but it shows “No package found” :frowning:

In my environment I’m using Window legacy. So this package is coming for me.


I think so you are using Windows. So the package is not visble for you



I see, is there any solution to solve this issue?

Check out this thread @BBCC_0000

Follow this steps

  1. Click Manage Packages.
  2. Under Settings, add a User defined package source.
  3. Store the nupkg inside the folder (source)
  4. Under All Packages, find the package source name you defined.
  5. You will find the activity package there. You may now install it.


Good day,

I still can’t find it under All packages, not sure what’s happening…

According to my OLD project, this activity does exist but when I open a new project, this activity disappears, any idea on this?

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You old project is Window legacy. Now you are using Windows so now it is not appearing @BBCC_0000