HConvert PDF to Excel

Hi everyone, is there any way to convert a whole pdf file to excel file? I have tried but it doesn’t work. Thanks in advance.

Hi @BBCC_0000

What is the error did you facing while processing? Can you share the screenshot of the issue?


Hi @BBCC_0000

Have a look on the blog

Check out this thread

Hope it will helps


Hi Gokul,

Same thing that I have encountered, I am not able to use the ‘Read PDF text’ (Pic 1) as I am using Windows not Windows-Legacy, still can’t find a proper way to solve this.

legacy error

May I know is it possible to use the other ‘Read PDF Text’? As I am only able to use that activity.

Thank you very much!

HI @BBCC_0000

Do you install the PDF package ?

Hi Gokul,

Yes, I have installed, you may check the thread if you want. It doesn’t work on me.

Read full PDF is missing - Help / Forum - UiPath Community Forum

Have you check this thread and try this workflow @BBCC_0000

Hi @BBCC_0000 ,

Have you installed the UiPath.PDF.Activities package (Latest version) ? From the Thread you have posted you were pointing to a different package (Different Author) that was being used in the Old Project.

If you require that Package itself that was present in the Old Project, you would have to either request the Author to perform a conversion to the .NET 6 compatible version so that you may be able to use it within Windows version Or You could shift back to the Windows-Legacy version.

If using the Windows version is your only approach, then we could try helping you out by providing a workflow (Using activities) which does the same task as the operation performed by the Previous Activity. We would simply need to know what was the Activity working or what was the Output when given an Input.