How am I supposed to read a PDF if I'm in Windows compatibility?

I need the Read PDF Text (or similar) activity in my automation, which is Windows compatibility. UiPath is pushing everyone to Windows, but these core, essential packages are not available.

Now what?

Do I really have to recreate my project in Windows Legacy and spend DAYS re-coding it from scratch?


I guess you dint install pdf package

or I am missing something


You are missing something. As I said, I’m in Windows compatibility and the UiPath.PDF.Activities package is not available in Windows compatibility.


If you see the screenshot i have highlighted windows compatibility only

Right side down


I can confirm. The package is available in Windows, first version published back in April last year.

I think you have got some filters on stopping you from seeing it Paul? Or your feeds aren’t configured correctly. Either way its definitely available.


I literally scrolled through everything and don’t see it.


In Windows Legacy I see it:

Weird indeed.

Did you check the filters icon next to your search bar to make sure there isnt something strange happening there?

It is for sure present on this feed which you have as Official Azure

There are no filters selected. I’m going to check with our security team to see if something is blocking my package requests.

@postwick we have a DocumentUnderstanding.Activities package containing the PDF activity you’re looking for - maybe give that a try?

The only Document Understanding package I see is UiPath.DocumentUnderstanding.Orchestrator. I don’t see the .Activities package. Something is definitely wrong here.

@postwick this is indeed strange; the package I’m referring to is this:
Not sure why you cannot see it on the feed :frowning:
@Paul_Parau any idea you would know?

I think it’s all because there is a new feed (the azure one) that’s included in newer versions of Studio but we aren’t on that version yet, so I have added it manually and am waiting on it to be whitelisted by our security team. I will update this thread when I find out if that’s what the issue is.

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