UIPATH.PDF.Activities Package is missing in Studio 2021.10.4 - 12/6/2021

I have tried all the options, unchekcing prerelease, re checking it .
UIpath only.
rebooted, this is not only on just one machine.
I have tested this with different users at different locations etc.

Can someone extract me that and share , so i can try the local method.
BTW, what’s wrong with UiPath, why are you not publishing this package.

Studio 2021.10.4 - 12/6/2021
Community License
Per-user Installation

License Provider: Orchestrator
Activation ID:

Update Channel: Stable

Microsoft Windows 10 Home 64-bit

Hi @MagicalManisha

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if we check in release notes 2021.10.3

it says that

  • Starting with this release, the activities packages included by default with Studio support both Windows - Legacy and Windows projects, while a limited number of packages support cross-platform projects. Only the packages and versions that support the selected project compatibility are available for installation from the Manage Packages window.

so probably this PDF activities are also limited due to cross platform

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Correct. With time, more and more activity packages will become available for cross-platform though.

Hi @MagicalManisha,

Actually, in which language do you want to develop the workflow?

Can you reinstall the dependency in the manage package (Reference Screenshot below)

Try this out and let us know whether the issue is solved!


HI @90s_Developer ,

I am developing it in C#, that is what i am comfortable with.

I am familiar with how the pacakges work with uipath.
In fact i am a certified advanced developer and architect.

BUT the issue is i have tried all possibilites that a normal user should.but to no luck.
Here is what you suggested, and pdf activity doesnt show up.

Hi @AdityaVN ,

So you mean to say that this in fact is really not avaliable on C# officially ?
I am developing it in C# and cant see the PDF activities, this was not a problem in older version.

Should i try developing in legacy mode ?

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these are the olny app integration avaliable in C# mode

This is not correct.

You can still start a Windows - legacy project in C# and you will be able to install the PDF package:

What is currently not supported is the PDF package in the Cross-platform projects:

However, I’ve tested it is available for both Windows - legacy and Windows projects. Make sure to search All Packages rather than just Project Dependencies:

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