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Hello, everyone,

I have read the various posts on the forum, my goal is to read a .msg file attached to an e-mail.

Within this .msg file I must then read the subject and body contained within.

These are messages sent automatically in case of absent recipients.

Now, I can download the .msg attached to the mail, but via the various vbs scripts I cannot read the content, can you help me?



Please check this for detailed step by step guide



Hi @andreus91

Use start process activity. Give the .msg file path in the “File Name” field in the start process properties. Instead pass only the complete file path in the filename properties as String or as a string variable and run it.

Your message will open in foreground post which you will be able to scrap the required text


I had already tried this guide, but the output is blank

Hi @andreus91

The following thread has the solution for the use case that you are dealing with:

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Hi @andreus91 ,

I have used the following and it works:

Hello @andreus91 ,

Please go through below YouTube video for the solution.
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