How to read saved .msg File?

Hey everybody,

how can I read a saved msg file and get a specifc text (e.g. the CAD Exchange rate) from the email Body?

I tried it with start process with the following properties:


It doesn’t work and I get a message that the command line argument is invalid.
Does someone have a solution?


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no worries
you were almost right
kindly remove the working directory and try once
and once it gets opened use get text activity

for more info on this

Cheers @Akimbow

Hi Palaniyappan,

after removing the directory path I got the same error.

The Topics you attached I have already read but I am not used in VBS coding. I tried to copy the Code into the invoke Code activity but there are coming up a lot of Errors. So I don’t know how to fix it.

If it is possible I would be kind to get an step by step instruction. :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!


You can ignore the arguments and working directory in the start process. Instead pass only the complete file path in the filename properties as String or as a string variable and run it.

Your message will open in foreground post which you will be able to scrap the required text


vishnuvarthan P

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Great! That works!

Sometimes the things can be so easy.

But it is really confusing that it is crashing if you fill out all the properties in the way you have to.

I tried every way but not yours :smiley:

Thank you very much!

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It happens …!
Have a great Day ahead :slight_smile:

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