How to read .msg from specific folder and download if any attachmants present and also retrieve other information like mail body,subject etc

Hi Experts,

I am saving .msg files to a specific folder. After this step am stuck. I have gone through multiple threads but am not able to find the solution for the below.
From the folder where i downloded .msg, I need to read it and save attachments, read mail subject, body, received time etc.
Can someone please help me with this.

Sowmya K

@sowmya.krishna Check this below link,

Hope this may help you :slight_smile:

please follow these steps.
put download activity inside "wait for download activity.
Wait for download activity will give you full path of downloaded file.

Hope this will help you.

@Manish540 @Areej_fatima
I am getting this error

I have used the custom activity “Adrosonic.EmailFileReader.Activities” for reading .msg body and custom activity “Adrosonic.MailAttachments.Activities” for saving attachments inside .msg file

Sowmya K

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