Read Excel xlsx file without Excel Installed

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I would like to read excel sheets without having excel installed. I’ve been searching the Forum for answers but came up short. The Excel Activities Scope is well documented. The alternative suggested on the forum when excel is not installed is the System Activities WorkBook Read Range. This approach was suggested as recently as 6/2019. But is also suggested in I’m not seeing this option in my system activities. I have Uipath.Systems.Activities 19.8.0 installed. I see the following when looking for WorkBook


I’m not a programmer and new to Uipath as well. Trying to create some automation for my medical office. Any help is much appreciated!

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The System activity for writing and reading Excel files is in the Excel activities package, but will be listed under System.File, as you have above. Make sure you have this package.

Thanks for your reply Anthony_Humphries. I really appreciate it! I have and had Uipath.Excel.Activities 2.7.2 installed. I still can’t seem to find the WorkBook activities that allow one to read xlsx (excel) files without having excel installed.

One work around I could use involves converting in excel the xlsx files to csv and then using the Read CSV file. It works, but involves an extra step in excel that I’d like to avoid if possible.

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If you search for “Read Range” in your activities, it should be somewhere toward the bottom of the list.

You are 100% correct. Very AWESOME! Thank you so much for helping me.

If I try to find “Read Range” by browsing into it, it doesn’t show up. If I search for it, there it is.

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Searching …



Browsing …

Seems odd to me, but I assume it’s user error, as usual.

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There are more activities in ‘Workbook’.
If you click it, there will be more activities including ‘Read range’
‘Append line’ ~ ‘Write text file’ are included in ‘File’, not ‘Workbook’

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It was in App Integration tree not in System that you were browsing

Yep, you are correct. I can’t believe I didn’t find it because I didn’t click on it. Thanks for your reply!


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