How to install the Excel Activities Package?

I came up with an issue while installing the Uipath, especially with the Excel package. I’ve managed to install the program successfully but somehow the excel application wasn’t included so, I searched the ‘UiPath.Excel.Activities.2.0.6382.14545.nupkg’ file online and placed in the package folder under UiPath folder. I was able to find the UiPath.Excel.Activities under ‘Manage packages’ but it shows an error message, 'Unable to resolve dependency ‘ClosedXML (> 0.86.0)’ when I try to install it.

Do you have any solutions for fixing this problem?

Hi @jdizzle,

You should install Excel package using Manage Packages. Try search this package in Available → Gallery section in Manage Packages window.


I did find ‘Excel Activities Package’ on Manage Package Window but it won’t let me install it. It will show a message pop up saying 'Unable to resolve dependency ‘ClosedXML (>0.86.0)’

This package depends on ClosedXML, CsvHelper and NPOI packages. Can you remove this (UiPath.Excel.Activities.2.0.6382.14545.nupkg) package from package folder?


Yea this (UiPath.Excel.Activities.2.0.6382.14545.nupkg) package didn’t exist from the beginning. I searched this package online and put it under UiPath folder/packages. I can certainly remove it and I did remove it before but it didn’t make any changes.

Could you explain alittle more about ClosedXML, CsvHelper and NPOI Packages? I only had core package when I first istalled the UiPath

By default only Core package is included in UiPath. If you want to use Excel or Word integration you have to install this packages using Manage Packages. Maybe try reinstall UiPath and install Excel package from Manage Package window. I think that UiPath should automatically resolve all required dependencies.


I’ve installed Uipath numerous time and this was my first time having issues with the Excel activities. I understand that the installation of program will automatically install the Word & Excel activities but it only installed the UiPath.Core.Activities.

→ This is my current status of what the manage package is showing right now and


→ This error message pops up when I try to install the Excel package

I’ve already reinstalled the UiPath twice and it’s still showing the same message. Any other suggestions ?


@jdizzle in UiPath 2017.1 Excel and Word packages are not installed during UiPath installation. To install them you should do it by Manage Packages.

In your case maybe you have to add nuget source. In Manage Packages right-click on any category and select Configure Sources. Next click add sign. Type some name and as source set:


Sorry for giving you such a late reply. I tried to add the nuget source just like what you have told me to do and it still didn’t work. What do you think the problem is?

Hi Diego,

I’m assuming you have the latest UiPath Studio version 2018.1.2 and there is no need to add that source. In Available packages, just scroll or search the desired package and click Install.

To make it more clear, only the activities in UiPath.Core.Activites are installed by default, the rest of them(including UiPath.Excel.Activities) you should install manually as I pointed above. The reason behind this is that not all the people that use Studio need all the other packages installed if they don’t use them.

Hi Diego,
in the UIPath folder(C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath Platform\Packages), you will find the package “ClosedXML” ,Make Sure the package version is 0.86.0 or more
Hope this Should work

Find path C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath Platform\Packages, delete [Uipath.Excel.Activity] and [CloseXml], and return to Uipath package manager and install the excel activity again, it works good.


I just refresh the default source for “all”, and all the packages where available for install them.

I was having a similar issue and found that a new package had conflicts with the closedxml version. I removed microsoft365 activity package and things went back to normal