Read Every new incoming message in Whatsapp

I want to make a workflow to read every new message coming in Whatsapp and after that reply accordingly. Can anyone help me to read every new incoming massage. I have tried with monitor events but unable to read through get text.

You could look at Twilio to achieve this with a bit of effort. They will provide the integration with WhatsApp

They provide python templates that allow you to send/receive messages to a specific phone number. You could then place this code into your workflow, output the message text received for analysis. Then set up actions in UiPath based on that analysis, passing the responses as arguments back to another python script.

These YouTube tutorials are excellent for understanding the steps involved. No coding experience is required as its all based on templates.

The whatsapp api is still closed, altho with twilio, you get to play around with their sandbox environment, though you cant actually do anything useful, without an api key from whatsapp, which is difficult to come by

I am using a WhatsApp tracker. It works well. With that, I can track the WhatsApp activity in real-time, including incoimg and ourgoing messages, voice call, and media files. It is interesting.