How to read New whatsapp message

Hi all,

Please help me to read new whatsapp message with uipath



One way to automate this is by following these steps:

  1. Connect to
  2. Search for the person from each you want to read the message
  3. Open the chat
  4. Use Get Text activity to store the message in UiPath.

Good luck!


thank you but i want to search for new message regardless of persons number

Got it.

I observe that there is a green circle on conversations that have unread messages, see screenshot.wapp

I would try to make a stable selector for this element and use Element exists. If you click it, the conversation opens.
After the conversation is opened, the green element disappears.
You can then again search for this element, and open the next conversation with new messages. And so on.

There also seems to be an option on to Send Desktop Notifications when a new message is received. You can try to parse that notification to UiPath in some way. :slight_smile:


You can also try using the WhatsApp API to access messages…

thanks but in what way we can train the bot to search for element exist …if there are more than 1 chat for new messages how to deal with it


Check out this flow: (44.8 KB)

Flow explained:

  1. Checks if green icon exists ( = unread messages)
    Here I used a dynamic selector with a regEx pattern.
  2. If it exists, the conversation is opened.
  3. A click in the messages area is performed in order for the “green icon” to disappear from this conversation.
  4. The new messages are read and added in a datatable.
  5. Checks again if the green icon exists
    The previously found “green icon” disappeared due to step 3.
    And so on and so on.

Outputs all data in an excel file.


  • Make sure to be logged on
  • Make sure to have some unread messages in your last conversations.

Issues might occur if there are so many conversations with new messages that not all of them are viewable on the screen when you navigate to In that case, you will need to implement some scrolling technique.

Emoticons will be treated as empty strings.


Thanks a lot!!! it helped me

Happy to help :slight_smile:

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