Read data from pdf files with different templates

In mail i have 5 pdf files all with different templates and i want to extract details of specific data .
can someone help me with this please .
It’s urgent.


@programmer Put mail subject as per pdf templates . Apply if condition as per subject contain such data if its true then workflow will extract that template of specific data. To extract data for different template use anchor base or get text activity and also apply attach window for each different template so it will help to fetch exact data.


i have pdf files as attachments with different templates , subject is fixed for the mail.
One more thing the content of the pdf also changes with template.


You can try with Document understanding activities

Mark as solution if this helps


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Actually i want to retrieve information of vulnerability in server from different templates of pdf files where the information about it changes every time so will this help ?

Please extract all pdf attachments from your mail to a common folder using UiPath Outlook Activities.
Use UiPath Document Understanding to extract data from all different types of PDF files.
Please go through the videos below:
Extracting attachments from outlook:
document understanding: