Extract same data from from different template of PDF file

I want to extract a specific data from a different template of PDF file like different invoices PDF image file. Please tell me the way to extract efficiently and accurately. Thanks in Advance. @arivu96 @ovi @aksh1yadav

Hi @Prakash_Raj
When you say different template what exactly is the difference? The references remains same or different ? Also if it is image then extracted data is not 100% accurate which is not recommended when it comes to finance related use cases.


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hi @harinathreddy.yn. difference means it can be a various template invoices PDF file like the invoice number can be anywhere in the pdf how to i find.And also how to find the exact data from the pdf dynamically. thanks for your reply.

If it is scanned copy then Flexi capture serves your purpose.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EIdLG7yjMPY go throgh that link for more info