Extract attached pdf in attached email

Dear community,

i am struggling to extract the attachments of emails which are attached in an email.

I get for example an email with 5 mails attached. And each of the attached Emails has one PDF attached.
I Want to save only the PDF Files.
Has anyone experience which such a case?

Thank you in advance

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Thank you, i was reading it already. But my problem are not the multiple files, its that emails are attached. And if i save them local i cant access their attachments…
Mail --> Attachment 3
Mails with 1 PDF each

Save those eml files to a folder and then we can use this component to covert that eml to a mailmessages object which can be iterated to get the attachments on it

Cheers @Lucas_Storkenmaier

Hi @Lucas_Storkenmaier,

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I made you a small sequence so you can give it a try, it’s for outlook but if you change the activity from outlook to some other e-mail activity it should work as well. Take a look at it.Main.xaml (6.8 KB)

So you need to get a e-mail that contains e-mails then see if those e-mails have an attachment that contains a pdf?

@rmunro yes exactly what you mentioned. Thank you for the sequence. But it is just looking for a direct attachment in received mails.