Read csv, output in datatable and create a csv file with data

im new to uipath, can someone pls guide and help me…

I need to read a csv file output it in a datatable,
foreach customer i need to login in an application input the number and get the order details in the output csv file with start time and end time of the process.

input csv:

Output csv
customerName|CIR|Address|Phone|Fax|Start Time | End Time|OrderDetails|Comments

Main foreach

@Akiraa, Hi it looks like you have already started and are you experiencing any specific challenges?

I tried to start it … but the data table to output is blank only header there… haven’t done the part to connect to application to get order data yet.

read Csv file.
for each row in inputDT
build DT
output DT write to csv

can u guide me in doing the flow

You need to Buid the output DataTable before the for each, or it will get cleared each row… and Write csv AFTER the for each, only one time at the end.